From our suppliers...

APPRO’Solutions is not the final decision maker; only our customers can determine whether or not your product or service meets their requirements. That is why we have hand-picked a selection of different suppliers, each one specialised in the hospitality industry, to offer our customers the best of the best.

We work with suppliers from a range of fields, including food & beverage, tableware, equipment & furniture, cleaning products & consumables and maintenance services, among others.

To our customers...

APPRO’Solutions is not a broker or a middleman – we value the partnership we have with our customers and draw on our expertise and experience to assist them throughout the entire procurement process.

We work primarily for customers in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, bars and canteens.

"...I wish to thank you for your responsiveness and your professionalism. It's                                                        reassuring to know that true professionals and reliable people really do exist."