About us

After obtaining a European Diploma in Management and Hospitality from the renowned Vatel Institute in Lyon, Yann Touzet, APPRO'Solutions' CEO, went on to gain experience at a number of top-class hotel brands, before working for four years as Purchasing Manager for a luxury 4 star hotel in Lyon. Then, with a desire to enrich his experience on an international level, he crossed the English Channel to take up the position of Cost Controller for a luxury palace hotel in London, shortly afterwards becoming Purchasing Manager.


After a successful integration in the UK, Yann wanted to diversify his professional portfolio and secured the position of Procurement Manager for the House of Lords.


APPRO'Solutions is the result of this diversity and experience.



2009: APPRO’Solutions was established

2010: APPRO'Solutions became the purchasing partner for ‘LAAD – LA Centrale’ with over 70 different establishments located around Lake Annecy

Since 2011: APPRO'Solutions has helped to expand LAAD's membership to include over 300 establishments throughout the Savoie and Haute-Savoie regions

Since 2012: APPRO'Solutions has expanded its portfolio to include customers in Lyon, Paris, Lausanne and London

Since 2013: APPRO’Solutions has built up a network of over 150 national and international suppliers, all specialised in the hospitality industry

May 2014: APPRO'Solutions launched The Pack APPRO, our centralised purchasing package, already proven to offer savings for our customers

May 2015: APPRO’Solutions signed an agreement with the FAGIHT Isère (a federation for independent establishments in the hospitality industry throughout the Isère region) enabling their 130 members to access The Pack APPRO